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Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Weddings are expensive and there's absolutely no denying it. So as you sit down and decide what's important for YOU and your day, first and foremost a strict budget will be decided on. And what exactly does that mean? You need to make cuts, and get creative...and may even be contemplating hiring a wedding photographer? There's a voice that's telling you "no biggie, uncle Tom has a good camera he can just bring it, we don't need anything fancy!" But before you make such a monumental decision, please, hold my beer - and let me tell you why in fact you do want that wedding photographer.

Photo Quality

Uncle Tom may have a cool, expensive, digital camera he takes out every so often when heading to the park with his kids and he's offered to photograph your wedding day. Truthfully that's quite a large responsibility so he's saving you not only a buck or two but also relieving you of any stress of capturing it all on your own. As you may imagine, wedding days are busy and the moments happen FAST - and it is the photographer's responsibility to catch each precious one. In order to guarantee quality imagery, you need to be extremely comfortable with your camera(and all its external additions) and know how to use it not only efficiently but also quickly. Each light situation is unique and you must be ready to work in the toughest scenarios, whether it be too bright, too dark, too shadowed... This is especially important if you DON'T want to end up with an abundance of dark, blurry, out of focus photos when putting together your wedding album.

Missing The Key Moments

As mentioned above: Wedding days FLY by. Blink and its over. Do you reaaally want to risk getting back your photos and realizing so many important moments didn't make it? Your father's tears as he walks you down the aisle, or that stunning dip from your mother and son dance...this is one of the most important days of your entire life and there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have those memories to last for generations. I would never expect uncle Tom to know when to be ready to catch those detail moments that make your day so memorable and putting that amount of pressure on somebody who isn't a professional emotion chaser doesn't seem too fair.

Enjoy the Day

It would be quite a shame for you and your photographer guest to miss such a precious day, especially if your photographer guest is family. We (wedding professionals) want you to enjoy your day stress free - to be fully secure knowing everything you've hoped would get captured, does. We want you all to enjoy the food, the dancing, the speeches, all the emotions. You deserve it. The process of getting to know you through our chats and your engagement session helps us understand what is important to YOU so that we leave no room in our experience for you to feel like anything has been forgotten. We got your sip your drinks and get down on that dance floor!

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