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The Importance of an Engagement Session.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

We've had many questions on why engagement sessions are necessary so I've decided to write up a list of three reasons why (and why you may feel unsure about it). Maybe you feel uncomfortable and don't want to spend extra time in front of our cameras - I TOTALLY get it...BUT I really am hoping to change your mind by the end.

So, let's jump on in!

1. "I'm too awkward!!"

Honestly..samesies. But here's the thing..I think we should all embrace it. Wouldn't you rather get it over with before the big day?! We strongly believe you should enjoy your wedding and be so in the moment that when we're off, just the four of us, taking your portraits, the last thing you should feel is awkward..We want you to forget we even exist in those moments, so that your wedding day bliss shines right thru. An engagement session is the perfect way for us to hang out, spend a few hours together laughing hysterically, dancing, and being goofy - (and truthfully still a little awkward), But what I promise you is thru the results, you'll see - what may feel awkward, photographs beautifully. I would even go as far as to confidently say 99.999% of our couples felt 100% more comfortable in front of our cameras by the time the engagement session ended - and we always have SO. MUCH. FUN!

(These two claimed to feel awkward but who would know it?!)

2. "It's not in our budget!"

No sweat on this one. We got you. Each personalized wedding day package includes a complimentary engagement session - that's how confident we are in its' importance.

3. "What's the point!?"

We want to get to know you. If we don't know you as individuals and as a couple, we have no way of sharing your story. Each relationship is so unique and we want to show off what makes you stand out. We want to know what you like about yourself, what you may feel critical about, how much smooching you want to do for the camera, and the list goes on.. And just as much, we want you to get to know us. To know how much we care about your needs(we always carry a blanket and a couple umbrellas!), how much we want to embrace the tiny details of your beauty you have never noticed before, how important your trust in our art is, and again, the list goes on!

I hope we've made our point. I hope we've earned the opportunity to pave the way to your most comfortable self on your wedding day.. especially since our (super legit) statistics show: it's important!

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