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Senior Photography | Baltimore, MD

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Covid-19 and the three months of quarantine that's followed. As our state's restrictions get lifted we are starting to see our friends and our clients and our families and everything in between (because they are all one in the same after all!) which has reminded me why I started doing what I do and how much I adore it.

Today's post I'd like to dedicate to the seniors who graduated in May. I know it's been a real doozy for so many kids who missed out on their graduation and all the parties (and parental tears) that come with it..Prom and the hours leading up prepping for it..(the hair, the makeup)...The late nights with friends, car karaoke, etc..

Last weekend I spent pretend "promming" with some of the most beautiful girls and got to thinking - I would LOVE to help create some memories for 2020 seniors because, though not as expected, we can still make lemonade.

SO. Let's play! Solo or group. Get fancy, and let's pretend like there's music. Put that prom dress (and suit) on and let's capture some memories so generations down the line you will have proof to the story about the year that got canceled.


$150 (per senior) - 30 minute session - 10 images

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