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Mommy & Us Session | Baltimore, MD

You guys!! These are my cousins...and if you're jealous because my cousins are THIS cute - I don't blame you.

So what started as just an idea of taking some photos of littlest sis, Dasha, turned into mommy and us photos and it couldn't have gone any better. Julie (mom) and our ALMOST HIGHSCHOOLER Neeka added quite the touch of personality...which, duh..Julie used to model, I expect nothing less.

We spent a hot summer morning in Mt Washington just walking around looking for some cool colors some cool breeze anywhere we could find it - not without a ton of laughter, of course - which turned into some gorgeous views for my camera! This little trio is a force to be reckoned with and I dare someone to try.

I'm so excited that a pandemic helped us finally free up some time to actually get together and create this magic. Long time coming. Enjoy my beauties!

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