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Post Quarantine Snuggle | Finksburg, MD

I think the hardest part of the three month quarantine has been not getting to hug, kiss, nor see anyone in person without social distancing. As the world opens up, we - very SLOWLY - hit the "un-pause" button on life. The latest adventure has been resuming our sleepovers with our 8 year old niece, Erica. This past weekend was the first time I've seen any family for more than 10 minutes or inside my home in about three months. SO FUN! Honestly - still tired. (Please don't ask me what I'll do when I have my own children, I truly have no clue..)

Every time we spend even an hour with her I am reminded how hard being a parent is and how much I respect those who do it every day, all day, but the payoff is incredible. Not to toot my own horn (but I will) I'm the favorite aunt and there's literally nothing that beats that feeling. So we put up with the sleepless night, because Erica is "TOO EXCITED" to sleep. And we do not complain. Because in the morning [so far] she hasn't complained about the excessive cuddling I force on her and the cheek kisses she accepts even though she tries to hide her annoyance. Whatever, I won't stop.

I was watching Erica watching TV and was mesmerized by the beauty she carries and quickly grabbed some snaps. I'm ready to blow all these up and hang them on every wall, I'll never get tired staring at this face, UGH.

The very next day we all as a family took a little trip to a lavender garden and I'm beyond excited to share that in a coming post..stay tuned, my friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful moments - grab your phone or camera - inspiration is everywhere.

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