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First Birthday Cake Smash | Finksburg, MD

As we're approaching Logan's SECOND birthday, I decided to share how we celebrated his first. Time is flying, y'all...

Our dear friends Ilya & Liz, along with our beloved (chosen and claimed) nephew moved back to Baltimore last year after a couple years in Austin, TX. Our year was made. Because we obviously are madly in love with their best creation. (Logie, duh)

The whole Lemberg gang came over to our yard on a gorgeous summer day and we decided to capture Logan trying cake for the first time EVER. It was quite the scene. Couldn't have been better. A photographer's dream. Logan tore right into it and made that cake his b**ch. It was glorious, wouldn't expect anything less.

As previously mentioned: we are absolutely obsessed with Logan and quite literally melt every time we see him. (and when he says our names, all bets are off) He's the sweetest, most affectionate, precious little babe and watching him grow is a total honor.

Can't wait for a million more milestones and a million more sessions with our dearest!!

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