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Updated: May 23, 2020

Guys. It's my first blog post in my brand new website. I'm exited. I've been taking all this extra time to give my business a makeover. And I'm loving the direction we're going in. I have literally (well, not really, but almost) been BEGGING my own wedding photographer (for almost 5 years now) to take me under his wing and mentor me and teach me everything he knows about this business world - Something I have slightly struggled to understand..Thus far teaching myself everything I know and I was ready to step up my game. FINALLY, he agreed. Shout out to Ben Lau of Ben Lau Photography. Ben has been so patient, efficient, knowledgeable and extremely kind enough to show me the ropes. (Also, major shout out to his wife, Karis, for being a sweet support on the sidelines) - We felt so lucky to have them thru our wedding experience, we wanted to bring them on to our business one!

So now, I'm ready for the world to open..I'm ready to photograph all our beautiful friends. (But only when it's safe, of course..which it is, I think....bring it on)

Welcome to our new brand, friends!!!! Hit us up, let's create and make some beautiful memories! Give me all the dancing and giggles - I'm beyond ready!

See you on the flip of quarantine! We genuinely hope everyone is staying safe, sane, healthy, and inspired. xo.

Also - I can't get enough of Rachel and Keegan so here's more from their GORGEOUS engagement session!

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