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"A thing you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people"

-Annie Leibovitz


As a husband and wife team, we take relationships very seriously. So there is no reason this should be any different - Yuriy and I want to welcome you into our life journey with hopes you'll welcome us into yours. Through our lifestyle approach, we hope to document YOUR story..all of it. The real, the raw, the super emotional, and hilarious parts of who you are...because that's truly what makes any experience, great, am I right? The perfection of imperfection. 

Come hang with us. Laugh with us. Let us fall in love with you.




"Everyone else is taken" Isn't that how the saying goes?

If that's your vibe - you've come to the right place.
We want to honor you with the freedom of being in love and having fun..get goofy, be vibrant, let's twirl. As we await to hear about your upcoming plans, I'd like to share ours. We hope to sit down and have a chat. To get to know one another..We hope to share giggles and a snack. But more than anything we hope to make you feel comfortable and at ease to share your vision with us because this day starts with you. So please, DO YOU...and with your trust, we promise to provide you with memories for a lifetime...Now let's make magic!

Alina Kogan Photography Boho Chic Wedding Photographer



Alina and her husband Yuriy are a super photography team! They are patient, creative, professional and make your happiness their top priority! It was a pleasure working with them on our special day and the end result was everything we ever could have wanted and more!!!!!

Yuri & Sabrina

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